Brandwise Supplier Vision 

Sales Enablement Tools for the Wholesale Industry 

Vision provides stakeholders with insights empowering them to sell more effectively in a competitive marketplace. Vision provides a dynamic and comprehensive view into the performance of the organization’s products, sales reps and retailers creating the opportunity to define robust actionable analytics.

Sales Analytics

Give Sales Managers the sales force management tools they need to lead their sales team with extensive data on the performance of Sales Reps, territories and products, including what is not happening in a territory, for ultimate sales optimization.

Account Alerts

Create powerful customer queries to remind yourself about actionable data. Want to see how many accounts are down year-over-year? No problem! Vision can give you the answer by account or Sales Rep. The possibilities are endless and the insights are invaluable.

Product Trending

See what products are selling by Retailer, Sales Rep, region, and season. Easily identify opportunities and manage product placement more effectively for your retailers.

Sales Route Optimization

Integrate sales data with Google Maps to allow reps to create the most efficient sales and prospecting routes. Vision’s 360º feature allows you to monitor traffic, weather, and get a glimpse of street views. 360º combines the power of Google and Bing with your sales analytics! Enjoy visual trending down to the street level, overlay prospects with existing accounts, and easily track your Sales Reps’ progress.

Sales Intelligence

Prepare for appointments with complete account information including buying history and additional product suggestions. Use our sales prospecting tools to keep new opportunities from slipping away.

Who uses Vision?

200+ Suppliers and Sales Agencies use Vision to grow their businesses.


Fussing over having to report on product, territory and Sales Rep performance is a thing of the past. Vision keeps your finger on the pulse of your business with actionable data on your Sales Agencies and Sales Reps activities.

Sales Agencies

Sales Agencies need to be able to track, measure, and manage the performance of sales reps, while knowing which products drive revenue and commissions. Vision makes all of that possible.

Sales Reps

With all of the powerful tools and robust reports, Sales Reps are empowered to plan better and sell more. Sales talent becomes amplified through the availability of indispensable information that Vision provides.

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